Each of us has an inspiring story of trust and I want to hear yours. We want to hear stories about breakthroughs of trust that you experienced.  Usually this will start with a breakdown of trust, but a “trust hero” stepped in to save the day.  Maybe it was you, your spouse, a parent, or a boss. Did building trust allow you to create something new?  Tell us.. 

Here are the ways to submit your stories:

#1 – Write a guest blog:  Submit a short story about your journey to awareness or a trust issue, or

#2 – Submit a video diary:  Film a short video about your trust experience. Include a link to your video host site, like YouTube, etc. Please be certain you have permission to use any video, music or imagery in your video.

#3 – Submit a podcast recording.

Submission Guidelines

Title of your Story:_____________________________

Your Name:__________________________________

Your Email Address:___________________________ we will send a notice when your story is published

Email to: info@trusttour.org

1)  Keep it PG rated we have young people on the the tour.

2)  Make sure you have permission from all involved if you identify them in any way.

3)  Keep your story under 500 words or 10 minutes if audio or video.

4)  Remember we reserve the right to edit your stories for spelling, grammar and length.

5)  Submit as many as you want ( I really mean this)