TRUSTING TODD (Todd Welch, 2012) A son exposes us to his fathers struggle to find and live a truthful life. This documentary film explores the problems and solutions associated with TRUST in our world.  In the film, Todd Welch, after having struggled to come to grips with his own truth embarks on the Trust Tour – a 1000-day journey born out of his personal struggle to live his life as truthfully as possible.  Todd acknowledges, “We are currently experiencing a crisis of trust in nearly every aspect of our lives: political, financial, ecological, and social.” Of course, he believes, “The only real change any of us can make is within ourselves.”

The film journeys with Todd as he tours about the country meeting and interviewing entrepreneurs, educators, politicians, religious leaders, scientists, psychologists, artists, environmentalists, authors, activists, philosophers, and everyday men and women on his journey for answers about trust.  At each stop Todd focuses the conversation around a different aspect of trust, such as transparency, forgiveness, compassion and respect.

The release is targeted for Spring 2013.

Created by: Todd Welch

Producer: Jill Gonzales

Photography: Stan Wilkins, Brad Grimm, Matt Weslosky, Kevin Welch

Editing by: Kevin Welch & Matt Weslosky

Release Dates: 2013

Running Time: TBD