The Trust Towel’s six rules helps build common values of mutual trust and respect.

NO BULL | Tell the truth. Lies create cracks in the foundation of all relationships. When people commit to honor and integrity, trust prospers.

NO DISRESPECT | Be Respectful. Put downs, interruptions, insults and inattention are all trust busters. Mutual respect is the path to building trust.

NO BACK STABBING | Talk to people not about people. Betrayal is among the worst of all human behaviors. When something needs to be said, say it directly to the person.

NO WHINING | Be Positive. Negative energy, destroys security and hope. State the problem then begin working on the solution.

NO SURPRISES | Partners don’t surprise partners. Bad surprises, ruin relationships. Communication builds mutual understanding.

NO WASTING TIME | Respect other people’s time. There is nothing more valuable than time. When someone offers you theirs, spend it wisely.


Trust Towel

Rules that developed around violations of one of the tenets include:

  • You “get the towel,” tossed at you for a violation.
  • If you are guilty, you donate $1 to the Trust Bucket and the money collected is given to a charity