In the last two centuries, the American system of free enterprise created an incubator for many of the world’s greatest innovations. From this country’s garages and kitchens, we’ve been the beneficiaries of amazing products and services. We owe a debt to the Founding Fathers who established and encouraged the entrepreneurial culture of our country.

The challenge? In this new, global economy not everyone plays by the same rules; corruption is rampant and our environment is taking a beating. We face competition from countries working hard to dominate our major industries. Our world is changing faster than we ever imagined. We’re confronted by inside forces too, as big government and big business take center stage, while our start-ups and small businesses struggle for survival, against the backdrop of an unpredictable economy. There is a lot of work to be done.

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What we need is an entrepreneurial approach to entrepreneurship. For over 20 years, my partners and I have tested a new tool called Cooperative Entrepreneurship (CE). We’ve only scratched the surface of CE’s capabilities. We believe CE can build a culture that will foster even greater and more prolific innovations. The future lies not with one genius in a garage, but in connecting the garages into networks of trusted peers innovating together.

Entrepreneurship starts with a decision to adopt new thinking that everyone in your network can use to improve the speed, quantity, and quality of innovation. This includes your employees, suppliers, customers, advisors and believe it or not … even competitors. With this book, I intend to extend our 20-year experiment into the minds and hearts of many and do nothing less than reinvent entrepreneurship itself.