Mideast Dubai Hamas SlayingThe lowest level on the trust scale is annihilation. This happens when trust is so low you believe a person or group of people needs to be eliminated. Most of the time people just act like their adversary is dead, they don’t take the ultimate step of killing them. So, then this sounded like a Hollywood movie; an assassination team sent to stalk and then kill a leader of a rival organization. But, according to the Associated Press that is exactly what happened.  The government of Dubia is accusing 11 Jewish people of killing a man. They said the murder was carried out at a luxury hotel yesterday.  Sometimes it is easy to forget that this kind of warfare is happening everyday in our world (reminds me of the poisoning of Alex Litvinenko). This James Bond stuff is all too real. If this accusation is true, then maybe these assassins believed what they were doing was as justified as killing cancer cells in the body.

Questions: Is this an effective way to fight a war? Is this solving anything or will it just ratchet up a new level of war? Is it OK for a government to sanction killing someone if they threaten national security?  Are all tactics OK when it comes to national security?

Here is a Feb 21st update from the EU

Here is a Feb 26th update from Reuters