The Lehigh Valley becomes one of America’s leading innovative communities.


Give every young person in the Lehigh Valley the opportunity to learn, think and act like a creative entrepreneur, no matter what they choose to do.


Each high school and university in the Lehigh Valley adopts this philosophy in the next 7 years, creating an ecosystem of thousands of innovators who will influence our community and attract even more innovators.


Cooperative Entrepreneurship, using the principles of THINK, TEAM, TRUST.

  • Students are challenged to think of an idea that solves real problems [THINK]
  • They compete for the minds and heart of their peers to assemble a team to implement [TEAM]
  • Students learn that honest purpose inspires and enables collaborative success [TRUST]

We do not really “teach” entrepreneurship; rather create an environment where students discover the entrepreneurial spirit within themselves.

  • A successful model is operating in Warren Hills High School for the past 12 years.
  • Facilitated summer camp with three ongoing teams over the past two years.
  • Both Lehigh and DeSales University are represented on the Institute board and have expressed interest in being future partners.
  • Bethlehem Vocational Technical School and Moravian Academy have tested versions of this model in their schools.
  • Growing community of 100 small businesses, members of Charter Partners, are being introduced to this idea for long term support.

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