The Facility

Welcome to Charter Farms, home to the Charter Partners and Trust Tour Experience.  Our focus is on providing quality, intimate. and productive environments where you meet to explore mutually beneficial ideas and create solutions for your business needs.

Barn - SummerThe Barn (named for its former use) offers 800 sq. ft. of exceptional experience space.  Designed to provide an environment in contract to the typical meeting facility, the Barn thoughtfully blends atmosphere with efficiency.  We offer sophisticated built-in audiovisual such as LCD and computer graphic projection.

Lantz RoomThe Lantz Rooms (named for the earliest settlers on the property circa 1700) are located in the main Farmhouse and provide unique locations for small executive conversations or private meals.  The Lantz Room – West feature log walls and a stone hearth fireplace; Lantz – East has double French doors that open to the patio and a view of the serene landscape.  These rooms offer an intimate environment with the charm of a 265-year-old log cabin.

CabinThe Cabin is our most unique space.  The Cabin was constructed in 2004 in the old style of post and beam.  Accessible on foot for the adventurous, or by 4-wheel drive vehicle, this idyllic retreat is cantilevered over a steep ravine and set amongst tall trees.

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