Yet another tragic story. You can feel the sense of sadness and deep betrayal flowing from a daughters broken heart in the video above.  Based on the facts presented, it is hard to imagine what kind of a person could murder and leave a note saying, “Terrorist, go back to Iraq.”

Unfortunately, as this story has traveled around the world it combines with other current events, Afghan murders,  burning of the Koran and Muslim ejected from airline. I can’t help but wonder how big the storm of mutual fear is going to get?

This reminds me of the McCarthy Era when the whole country became paranoid of “The Reds.” At the peak of the panic we turned on each other. This of course was the real disaster.

After  9-11 we no longer feel safe and are once again propelled down the path of fear. There is a risk this fear will become a cancer in the body of our country.  We have to be careful in the process of securing ourselves we don’t end up creating the most powerful terrorists of all… us.

The McCarthy Era ended when it became apparent there was nothing to fear but ourselves. What will it take this time for us to trust again???