The irony of this blog is the teacher became the student. I started out sharing a story about paying attention to the small lies, when towards the end of my comments I caught myself telling a small lie. The voice inside my head was saying, it was no big deal. All I did was say I was recording this on August 22 when it was actually the 23rd. It was no big deal, no one was hurt nobody would even care… right?

Wrong, at least for me. It is the practice of not letting this small mistakes happen or if they do quickly correctly them which is integrity. I accidentally made my own the point more vivid by making the mistake live, but quickly acknowledging it and fixing it. It was much more effective then the story I was telling about a women I read about in Nevada.

I work on this everyday – and I am still making these kind of mistakes.  What’s the message?  I think my mistake speaks for itself, or as they say in Latin – Res ipsa loquitur