500 days!!! I can’t believe the Trust Tour is already half over.

I kicked off the second half of the Trust Tour in San Francisco. I arrived late in the evening and in the morning I found myself heading toward the bay,  it draws you in. It was a beautiful morning, the sun was rising just as I reached a park about half mile from the Golden Gate Bridge. As I observed the scene,  I was struck by the two contrasting structures in front of me. To my left is the massive Golden Gate Bridge and to the right, the island prison of Alcatraz. The both loomed large. I stood for a while realizing they could be symbols the human struggle I have been trying to understand. The bridge representing all that we want  - innovation, opportunity, beauty, integrity , trust, connection  and Alcatraz representing all that destroys our lives corruption, lying, stealing,  separation, selfishness, fear, pain.

They were giving out a clear message, we all live with ability to build bridges and prison in our own lives. These physical structures are  a manifestation of the challenges each one of us faces everyday. If have the choice  how can we build more bridges. This is what I want to learn in the next 500 days.

Above is a short video which explains my thoughts in this moment.