I had the honor to have a cup of coffee with Hal Colston in Winooski Vermont. He is a world class social entrepreneur who has been featured  in the media by almost everyone, but includes big names like  The Oprah Winfrey Show and People Magazine. Hals has helped the poor with two very innovative projects, Neighborkeepers and the Good News Garage. As he told his story I was struck by his willingness to be open, take risks and to follow his gut. The results of his efforts to have paid off not only for him, but for many others. His core skill seems to be around listening and finding ways to help people help themselves.

Hal talked openly about his guiding principles, truth and justice. Part of our discussion revolved around helping people break their dependence on the government. Part of it was how he sees inequities/discrimination in our society. Part of it was about his personal struggle to find his way. Much was about how real community can be an answer to many of problems in our world.

I could not help but like this man who believes so passionately in his work. I have much more to write about my experience with him. I will add these thoughts as I sort through several hours of transcripts. Here is a short video introduction to Hal Colston

Special Thanks to Bob Gagliardi of Chartis Insurance for this referral. The Trust Tour would not exist without friends helping me connect to friends. Thank you Bob!