I was a bit anxious preparing for my next Trust Tour interview. It was going to be a great honor to sit down for coffee with Robert Galford. He and his organization are leading experts on trust. Robert has a resume a mile long, teaching at Harvard and MIT, as well as assisting leading businesses and politicians. The first thing I heard when he entered the coffee house, was a women yelling good morning and saying she needed a kiss.  I thought she was looking at me, but Robert walked over and gave her a hug then returned to introduce himself. That is a heck of way to make an entrance. My next thought was, “Well this guy must be the real deal.” I was not disappointed, our conversation was packed with a rapid fire exchange of ideas and energy.

Robert is known for the way he breaks down trust for organizations. He suggests there are three types of trust 1) personal trust, 2) organizational trust, and 3) strategic trust. This reminded me of the Trust Tools we created for the tour.  I started to think of the Trust Band as personal trust, the Trust Towel as organizational trust, and the Trust Book as strategic trust. I presented these gifts to Robert explaining how each fit into his model, I think it got us off to a good start.

Robert explained himself as a problem solver. Perfect… I have a big problem to solve. I explained my audacious mission to raise the bar on trust in the world. He responded quickly with an idea, “People trust people that share something in common.” He asked me to think about what happens when two Corvette owners meet for the first time. Of course, they automatically have a basic level of trust for each other. He suggested one way for me to help get a movement started was to find what the people I am trying to rally have in common. This is a good point, requiring much more thought, as I have the sense this is a seed of an important idea. Most importantly, I made a new friend on the Trust Tour. I feel blessed to be able to do this work. Below is Robert’s 30 second video review of our visit, enjoy.