World leaders gathered at the United Nations this week. The focus was to discuss world poverty. We made some significant progress in this area over the last decade, particularly in China where millions of people have been removed from the ranks. This is good news, hopeful speeches were given by many of the world leaders. The bad news is President Ahmadinejad decided to use the moment to focus on the downfall of the West.

During his speech several leaders walked out, including the United States. It reminded me of a family where a one child wants attention and acts out  to gain the attention of their parents. As I watched this speech and I realized this man is a skilled orator, he has a powerful command of words and ideals that appeal to the masses. But when you look beyond the words to the message, it is a dark message, one of disrespect, deception and division. I was struck by the use of so many wonderful words  in just his opening statement, words like respect, human dignity, honor, empathy, family, love, justice, path to prosperity, seeking knowledge, truth, divine, climate change, god, cooperation, decency, united and secrets of the universe. How could you not believe in someone who uses these words? On the other hand, he talked about the Holocaust being a myth and the United States Government conspired to bring down the twin towers.

Below you can listen to his speech and decide for yourself what is true and what is false.