but2Sometimes I believe people hear the word trust and they think, ” That’s nice… naive, a little airy fairy, but nice.” Trust can easily be trivialized, taken for granted.  Almost everybody thinks they are trust worthy, it is those other people out there that are causing all the problems. Trust also can be considered soft, weak and uncompetitive.

This is just the opposite of how I see it. Trust is hard, strong, respectful, honorable and courageous. Trust is not fanciful or random nor is it ignorant or blind. It is the basis for our lives, the oil that allows the engine of life to operate. Without it there would be no reason to live. The world would spiral into an abyss no one would want to be part of.  It is the strength of many people who choose to do the right thing everyday that allows us survive. This is not weakness… it is much weaker, much softer to cheat, lie and steal.

I recorded a story about a incident I witness the other day while taking off from Newark Airport. I call it, The Butterfly and the Jet Engine. It is a call to raise the bar on trust. If you would like to hear it. Click on the arrow below.