Today I had the distinct privilege of visiting with Mel Zuckerman founder of Canyon Ranch. The 6 minute audio recording above includes my thoughts reflecting back on the meeting. This was my second visit with Mel, the last being April 2006. That previous visit inspired me to include his story in the Trust book.  I must admit, I really like Mel. I admire him not only for his accomplishments, which are numerous by every measure, but because he lives his message, his truth. He is 81 and looks at acts like someone much younger.   I sense it is this integrity that is the real magic behind his life. After this visit it struck me that he used trust in 3 key ways that helped him achieve success.

Talking about Trust, I wanted to give Mel a signed copy of my book and get our picture together. However the first printing arrived the day after my visit with him. The picture below is us holding my proof copy. I had to ask for it back after the shot (not a great moment for me).  Mel was a good sport about it, in fact we discussed a next visit. I hope to record that conversation so you and I can share the next experience together.