Use your headGuess who has been hanging out with Larry Holmes?

You might be wondering why I am talking to the Heavyweight Champion of The World about trust? Isn’t a boxer by nature about annihilation? My thinking is that anybody who’s achieved the success that Larry has, had to trust something, or at the very least they had to trust themselves. You don’t get to be the best in the world by hiding under the blankets.  I must say, I had a great time interviewing Larry. I like him, I respect his family values, I enjoy his frankness. I am pretty confident that he did not hold back on me. From the minute I walked into his office he told me what he thought. The world could use a whole lot more that.  I hope you enjoy my interview with fighter, businessman, family man and even funny man, Larry Holmes.

This is my  favorite quote from the interview, Larry’s Truth…

“I don’t box because I want someone to punch me in my face…. I box because they are  going to give me a check.”

Makes sense to me!

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