The Problem:  We are currently experiencing a crisis of trust in every aspect of our lives: business, political, financial, ecological, and social. The absence of trust and integrity has become the number one problem in our world. Trust is the very basis for our existence, without it there would be no reason to live.

I have been thinking about these ideas for several years and decided there was nothing more important I could do with my life than to help change the tide. I know the only real change I can make is within me, therefore, I created the Trust Tour to work on improving trust in myself. A Trust Tour is the daily observation of trust in yourself for the purpose of raising the bar on trust and improving the quality of your life.

The Challenge: The idea of raising the bar on trust can sound overly simple, trivial, naive or even idealistic. Of course we all want trust, everyone knows about trust, it is natural. Most people probably believe they are trust worthy; it is usually the other guys that are causing all the problems… It is an awareness that we ALL are adding to the problem that I believe is the foundation of the tour.

The Journey: Everything starts with one….one person, one idea, one step.  I am one man on a journey of trust I kicked off on Thanksgiving Day 2009, committing 1000 days to learning.  Along the way I hope to inspire people to start their own Trust Tour. Trust and risk are an inseparable partnership and I invite you to take a small personal risk so that we might have the opportunity to raise the bar on trust in our world.

The Call to Action: Be who you ARE

(A)wareness of the impact that trust and integrity has on your world.

(R)espect for everyone and their divergent ways.

(E)xposure of the truth by being transparent in your thoughts and actions.