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  • (Day 386) Beer Trust

    One of life’s great pleasures is beer with the guys.  The other day I had a chance to meet some new people. I was invited for drinks and dinner by a friend of mine.  He wanted to introduce me to some of his long time friends who were visiting for the weekend.  All went well and I was enjoying the whole experience until the bill came.  For reasons different then you might think, everything started to go downhill fast.  Click on the video if you would like to hear more about the  ”beer trust story.”  I am interested in reading your comments when you are through. Thank you!

  • (Day 360) Window Washing Wonders

    Today is day 360 of the Trust Tour, it has been almost a whole year already. It seems appropriate too, as I am about to give you a 360 degree view of the world from 19 stories up.   I woke up this morning to see two guys hanging from ropes, hundreds of feet off the ground. They were having a good time washing windows on the side of my building. I knew they would have a unique perspective on trust so I  had to interview them. Here is Gary and Anthony talking about trust in themselves and each other.

  • (Day 351) The Power Of Passion

    I was looking for an artist who could paint a mural for me. I like dolphins and I started asking around for someone who had experience with sea creatures. I was directed to Bill Correira Woo (BC Woo) in St Petersburg Florida.

    Bill and I hit it off immediately. He is one cool dude… Some time ago he quit his day job and started working on what he loves, painting fish. He is also a cancer survivor. On Thanksgiving 2008 Bill went to his bar tending job thinking it was just another day, then next thing he knew it was January 2009. He had a seizure and went into a 49 day coma. After waking up, he was prescribed a 2 1/2 year dose of chemotherapy for brain cancer. If this was not enough, as a last resort they removed 1/3 of the right side of his brain last May.

    The experts told him he would not be able to paint again. Bill says he was determined to live, determined to keep painting and he did both. He has a passion that is contagious.  I have come to believe it is this passion which enabled Bill to heal himself and keep painting. There is something about his focus that turns into energy that allows him to keep going after the cancer and after the surgery. He says that he learned a lot about trust through his experience. I am interviewing Bill today for the Trust Tour documentary but to wet your appetite, I have included the video above created by a group of local interns. I think you will find him inspiring.

  • (Day 350) Breakfast With The Leaders

    I had the honor to speak at the Iaoccoa Institute to 100 area business leaders. Of course, my subject was trust. Here is my presentation:

  • (Day 345) Transparency and Retention

    2011 Trust Barometer Breakfast launches with Robert Edelman talking about the need for Transparency.  Following, the panel discusses the benefit the transparency has in retaining employees.

  • (Day 344) Technology The Most Trusted Industry

    Richard Edelman, Pres & CEO of a leading independent global PR firm has created the Trust Barometer.  Here are some of this years results.

  • (Day 343) Trust Has Tangible Benefits

    Ben Boyd, Director US Corporate Practice, Edelman a leading independent global PR firm has created the Trust Barometer.  Here are some of this years results.

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