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  • (Day 628) Insult To Injury

    Today I was violated! Someone stole my American Express credit card number and tried to buy stuff. I have their phone number. I am going to confront them. Check out the story above.

  • (Day 604) I Long For The Day

    I am hurting today… I am hurting a lot.

    I have been watching the TV reports on the murder of 90 young Norwegians.

    I long for the day, when will we no longer have to witness the senseless loss of lives, when we understand we are the same – one human race, when we stop thinking that people who look and act different are to be feared, when religions stop spreading intolerance, when we can identify these broken minds and hearts before they can do this kind of damage.

  • (Day 586) Truth About Trust

    The above video sets the stage for the change we desperately need in the world.  It was created by a “trust activist” named Vanessa Hall.  She is Australian and one of the world’s leading advocates for trust. In fact, she wants the UN to sanction an International Day of Trust, May 3rd of each year.  When you go to her website, read her amazing story of  love, loss and betrayal. All this seems to  give her special qualifications for the the role she is playing. I am becoming a fan, check out her website and consider becoming part of the movement.

  • (Day 565) Finders Keepers

    Someone took my sand art and you won’t believe who.

    A blog about giving “IT” back!

  • (Day 564) Transparency and Trust by Morgan Spurlock

    My friend David Gritz (young entrepreneur) sent me a link to this TED talk.  It is by the filmmaker who created Super Size Me and The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. It turns out much of the work he does is really about transparency. He is entertaining too, check out his interesting and funny talk about trust!

  • (Day 563) A Fish Story

    On occasion we humans have been known for the abuse of what we think are “lesser beings”, not only each other, but animals.  I noticed I was sensitive to this kind of behavior when I was a kid fishing off the pier at the lake.  It was fun hanging out with my friends on a summer day, however, my fishing technique was not fully developed and sometimes I would wait too long to reel in my catch.  Several of my fish would subsequently swallow the whole hook.  On the dock it became a struggle for survival as I worked against time to get the hook out of the throat of the fish without destroying it’s insides.  In the end, hook in or out, I usually ended up throwing the fish back in the water only to see it turn up later floating upside down.  This definitely took some of the fun out of the experience.  Here we were having a relaxing afternoon but leaving behind what looked like a battlefield, it seemed a little unfair. This early memory reminds me about respect for all life.


  • (Day 540) Beeeeep !

    Here is a story about how to look at problem a little differently. It is a way to keep our trust ecosystem in good health – even when you really want to throw your cheeseburger at the other guy.

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