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  • (Day 652) Update 9-9-11

    Todays Update from Washington DC

  • (Day 651) Film Update

    Above is video blog about this weeks progress on the film. I am very pleased the film crew is building trust. You can tell it’s happening by all the laughter in the car and at the sites we film. Tired tonight – still more video to transfer and a bit stressed about losing some media in the process.  I am looking forward to two more interviews before we end this 7 day journey.


  • (Day 640) All for One And One For … ?

    In a situation like Hurricane Irene, do you help others or save yourself ?  I have talked with people who see the world as themselves and their family. There are others who see themselves helping the broader community.  I started to ask myself, “What would I do… fend for myself, or help others?” The above are my thoughts as I rode my bike this morning. What do you think… is it about you and your family or the world?
  • (Day 638) Steve Jobs On Values

    I have been a Steve Jobs fan for many years. His recent resignation as CEO of Apple was the end of an era. Over the years, I have enjoyed his inspiring speeches and the video above is one of my favorites.  The presentation is about Apples new (at the time) brand  ”Think Different”.  I like it because he is talking about core values.  You probably already are familiar with Steve’s famed “charisma.” He is considered to be the best marketer in the world. Enjoy!

  • (Day 634) The First Day Of The Last Year Of The Trust Tour

    The irony of this blog is the teacher became the student. I started out sharing a story about paying attention to the small lies, when towards the end of my comments I caught myself telling a small lie. The voice inside my head was saying, it was no big deal. All I did was say I was recording this on August 22 when it was actually the 23rd. It was no big deal, no one was hurt nobody would even care… right?

    Wrong, at least for me. It is the practice of not letting this small mistakes happen or if they do quickly correctly them which is integrity. I accidentally made my own the point more vivid by making the mistake live, but quickly acknowledging it and fixing it. It was much more effective then the story I was telling about a women I read about in Nevada.

    I work on this everyday – and I am still making these kind of mistakes.  What’s the message?  I think my mistake speaks for itself, or as they say in Latin – Res ipsa loquitur

  • (Day 633) No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

    No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

    While riding my bike this morning, I was thinking about good deeds. The Trust Tour has me going out of my way to do things right,  even if someone else caused the problem. I think of it as cleaning up our trust ecosystem.  Recently I started to wonder if this was really worth the effort. Does anyone really care, worse often pain is associated with it. I give a few simple examples in the video above.

    You know how it works, you try to help someone and they end up getting mad at you. Or you lend someone your bike and it gets stolen, stuff like that.

    ‘What do you think, is it still worth doing good deeds, even if you get no credit, or worse, if you get punished for it?

  • (Day 629) Can You Trust The Minnesota Twins?


    A tough trust situation – a father substitutes his twin son to be in a halftime contest at a hockey game. His twin brother (ticket holder) was outside the stadium at the time. The first brother (not the ticket holder) happens to win $50,000 in a puck shooting contest. The father tells the truth about it being the real ticket holders twin brother. Do you think the $50,ooo should still be paid? Check out the story and video above and let me know your thoughts.

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