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  • (Day 32) Road Trip Trust

    Every time you get in a car you make a decision to trust everyone else that will be driving that day. You are putting your life in the hands of people you don’t know. You are trusting that they have made good decisions about sleep, drugs, alcohol and stress. You are hopeful they are not distracted by an electronic device or a child. You expect they keep their vehicle in safe condition. You are also totally dependent on them obeying stop signs and red lights. This story is about a road trip to ski in Vermont, where that trust was broken. [...]

  • (Day 30) One month report

    Today marks 30 days since the start of the Trust Tour.  As you know I think about trust a lot.  I am starting to see everything through trust glasses. I see nearly all our struggles and our triumphs related to our ability to Trust. I try to define it, observe it, read about it. I am aware of it in myself. I am also keenly aware of the corruption that exists inside and outside of our boarders. My intention is to observe it in my own life and in the world. [...]

  • (Day 17) Jared Isaacman – United Bank Card

    Jared Isaacman of  United Bank Card in Clinton, New Jersey, took a passion and turned it into a world-class business. At 16, he left high school to work for a company that processed credit cards. He loved technology and learned the credit card processing business from the ground up. He often asked, “Why do we do it this way?” They, of course, answered, “Because we’ve always done it this way.”

    Dissatisfied, Jared kept asking questions until he knew enough about the system to realize it was layered with inefficiency. He knew it could be done better. At home, Jared set up shop with some friends and designed a system to simplify the process, reducing the number of steps and people involved. He dug into every aspect of the business until he reduced the inefficiency, saving money for thousands of businesses.

    Jared destroyed the old model of processing credit cards, turned the industry on its head, and made millions for himself and his family in the process. Today, his company processes billions of dollars in transactions each year. His is one of America’s fastest growing companies. Outside of business, Jared travels around the world, setting new speed records for private jet flight, and raising money for the Make a Wish Foundation. By the way, Jared’s still in his 20s

  • (Day 16) eVenture, summer program for young entrepreneurs

    eVenture 2009 proved to be the most successful summer program yet for Charter Partners Institute. Eleven students came together for an exciting, fun, and intense week at the end of June. They took responsibility to collaboratively identify a problem or opportunity for which they could find a better way, and then develop the idea into a viable innovation.

    No boring lessons here! The group ended up forming six teams, and each developed an original idea that held special meaning and passion for them. More than a dozen successful business leaders dropped in throughout the week to provide guidance and feedback, but each team took full responsibility for their innovation. This year, previous program graduates participated and provided much of the leadership all week (Laurie Wagner [Lead], Beth Bracey, and Steve Rosen), as well as two others.

    Here is a video from a previous eVenture program

  • (Day 5) Interview with Tony Salvaggio

  • (Day 0) The Launch of the Trust Tour

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