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  • (Day 900) What makes up a family?

    I interviewed this women at Occupy Wall Street. She shared with me what makes up her family. She sure makes a lot of sense. It is hard to argue with. Do you have another point of view? If so, please tell me about it.

  • (Day 849) Pink Slim – Can We Trust Our Food?

    There has been a lot of talk about Pink Slim lately. I did not understand what it was until this video caught my attention.  What else are we eating that we do not understand?

  • (Day 848) Are We All Becoming Terrorists?

    Yet another tragic story. You can feel the sense of sadness and deep betrayal flowing from a daughters broken heart in the video above.  Based on the facts presented, it is hard to imagine what kind of a person could murder and leave a note saying, “Terrorist, go back to Iraq.”

    Unfortunately, as this story has traveled around the world it combines with other current events, Afghan murders,  burning of the Koran and Muslim ejected from airline. I can’t help but wonder how big the storm of mutual fear is going to get?

    This reminds me of the McCarthy Era when the whole country became paranoid of “The Reds.” At the peak of the panic we turned on each other. This of course was the real disaster.

    After  9-11 we no longer feel safe and are once again propelled down the path of fear. There is a risk this fear will become a cancer in the body of our country.  We have to be careful in the process of securing ourselves we don’t end up creating the most powerful terrorists of all… us.

    The McCarthy Era ended when it became apparent there was nothing to fear but ourselves. What will it take this time for us to trust again???

  • (Day 842) Building Trust With Body Language

    I came across this video explaining how body language plays a role in how people perceive (trust) us. What messages are you sending out?

  • (Day 835) Trust In An Airplane

    I happened to come across these two videos within minutes of each other. One shows a flight attendant creating a fun relaxed environment for his passengers, the other shows a female flight attendant losing it onboard a flight. When you are put in a tube and sent up in the sky traveling 500 miles an hour with hundreds of other people, trust is a BIG deal. I don’t know why one was happy and the other full of fear,  I just know I would rather be in the cabin with the first guy.

  • (Day 833) Traveling To SXSW

    This is my second visit to SXSW.  For 10 days each March, Austin Texas is the creative center of the universe . I started attending after deciding to make a documentary. It is a gold mine of people and resources. Above I share my expectations as I transition Dulles International airport on my way to Austin.

  • (Day 824) Do You have a Light?

    This is a story about a “coincidences.”  Do you believe they are random, or are they messages that need your attention? Here is a surprising story I recently experienced. What do you think?

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