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  • (Day 33) Gerry Dehkes on Strategic Alliances

    If you want to innovate your way to success, there are few better choices than strategic alliances.  Above is an interview with Gerry Dehkes President of Pro Partnering. Gerry pulls from his deep experience to tell us stories of alliance successes and failures. From Chocolate Moose to Tariq Aziz moments, Gerry uses humor and wisdom to help us understand the power of trusted alliances.

  • (Day 27) Trust and the National Anthem

    One of my favorite all time leadership stories. I was attending a West Point soccer game and witnessed this simple act of self Trust. I give myself  goose bumps when I hear it. Enjoy.

  • (Day 26) Seth Goldman Honest Tea

    I first met Seth when he spoke at the 2004 Gel Conference in New York City.

    Fitness is important to Seth, and after a particularly parched run through Central Park in 1997, he wanted a drink that was more than just water, but not full of sugar. Failing to find one, Seth decided to reignite an old conversation on the love for tea with his Yale professor, Barry Nalebuff. While traveling through the tea-drinking cultures of India, China, and Russia, both developed a love for good tea.

    Seth and Barry decided the marketplace needed a low-sugar, high-quality organic tea. Barry suggested the name Honest Tea, and it immediately resonated with Seth. Taking a risk, Seth left his marketing and sales post with a socially responsible mutual fund and launched Honest Tea from his home’s guest room. After brewing the tea in his kitchen, he put five large thermoses in his car and drove to the local Whole Foods regional office. Based on five thermoses, he convinced the general purchasing manager to order 15,000 bottles. Honest Tea had its first customer and quickly became the best-selling organic tea throughout the Whole Foods chain. Coke eventually purchased a 40% interest in Honest Tea, now the number one organic tea drink in America.

    Below is a rebroadcast of my interview with Seth

  • (Day 25) Shelly Nutt -Texas Peanut Producers Board

    This is an interview with Shelly Nutt (her real name) who represents the Texas peanut producers. I talked with her after the Peanut Butter salmonella crisis  

  • (Day 20) Scott Nash, My Organic Market

    Scott Nash is the founder of My Organic Market. I sat down with him to find out how he did “it”. What I found was someone who was an entrepreneurs from the start. He almost could not help himself. Just like every other successful entrepreneur he took his lumps, but he kept coming back. I was very impressed by this respectful, humble man and the good work he is doing. Here is a rebroadcast of my interview with Scott.

  • (Day 15) Mel Zuckerman (how he used trust to build a great company)

    Today I had the distinct privilege of visiting with Mel Zuckerman founder of Canyon Ranch. The 6 minute audio recording above includes my thoughts reflecting back on the meeting. This was my second visit with Mel, the last being April 2006. That previous visit inspired me to include his story in the Trust book.  I must admit, I really like Mel. I admire him not only for his accomplishments, which are numerous by every measure, but because he lives his message, his truth. He is 81 and looks at acts like someone much younger.   [...]

  • (Day 12) Pete Moses, Children’s Aid Society

    I had the honor to sit down with Pete Moses the CEO of the Children’s Aid Society, the largest and oldest non-profit in New York City. Pete has a better perspective on young people than anyone I have ever met. Pete opened my eyes to the realities facing the younger generation. For instance, Pete shared that in New York City, 29% of kids live below the poverty line, despite being the richest city in the world. Even more stunning, 50% of the city’s kids do not graduate high school. Fifty percent means 100,000 students a year drop out and can’t fully participate in the new economy.

    A reality since the 70s, Pete thinks we’re sitting on a powder keg with the fuse lit. Why do so many kids fail to graduate? Why are we failing our children? New York City, according to Pete, chooses not to see the big picture, narrowing its view to test taking in English, math, and science. These skills only get you in the game. Skills like responsibility, creativity, and team building give a broader range of life opportunities.

    Like a smoking habit, Pete believes society thinks it can get away with ignoring the problem, but at some point, there will be consequences. We share the opinion that fixing the problem will require a community-wide effort. Pete and I hold out hope that more businesses will invest in training young people, seeing it as an ROI for the next decade.

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