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  • (Day 104) Larry Holmes Part 2


    This is a two part interview, if you have not heard Day 103 yet, click here.

    As Larry and I got more comfortable with each other the conversation became even more frank and interesting. I was particularly intrigued with his story about wanting his mom to be proud of him and what he wants kids to learn from his experience.

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  • (Day 103) Larry Holmes Part 1

    Use your headGuess who has been hanging out with Larry Holmes?

    You might be wondering why I am talking to the Heavyweight Champion of The World about trust? Isn’t a boxer by nature about annihilation? My thinking is that anybody who’s achieved the success that Larry has, had to trust something, or at the very least they had to trust themselves. You don’t get to be the best in the world by hiding under the blankets.  I must say, I had a great time interviewing Larry. I like him, I respect his family values, I enjoy his frankness. I am pretty confident that he did not hold back on me. From the minute I walked into his office he told me what he thought. The world could use a whole lot more that.  I hope you enjoy my interview with fighter, businessman, family man and even funny man, Larry Holmes.

    This is my  favorite quote from the interview, Larry’s Truth…

    “I don’t box because I want someone to punch me in my face…. I box because they are  going to give me a check.”

    Makes sense to me!

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  • (Day 98) Trust Gap

    deep_canyon_v04This Toddcast is an interview with Robert Porter Lynch about the growing gap between technology and trust and what it means to our society.

  • (Day 96) Identifying the Darth Vadars

    darth-vadarIn my conversation with Robert Porter Lynch we discuss the fact that Darth Vadar is everywhere. He shows up in our families, non-profits, businesses and government.  Robert shares a few tools that can help better identify him. Click on the arrow below for the interview.

  • (Day 95) Trust Mission

    photoI caught up with my friend and partner Robert Porter Lynch at his home in Naples Florida. We sat down to talk about trust over some tea and coffee. The picture to the left is the view from Roberts window. Click on the arrow below the picture for the interview. 

  • (Day 93) What The Keys Taught Me

    photoThis short audio documents the three most important lessons I learned during this weeks hike on the Florida Keys Overseas Trail.

  • (Day 86) The State of Nature

    John P. Kelliher, Associate Director of Residence Life at DeSales University and I took a few minutes out of our day to discuss The State of Nature.

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