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  • (Day 150) The Scoop On Poop

    Click the arrow above to hear today’s Trust Tour experience.


  • (Day 145) Police Trust


    Last night I had two interactions with the police within 15 minutes. They were very different and they made me think about trust and power. Here are my thoughts…

  • (Day 141) Armageddon caused by the Trust Tour?

    In this short lunch conversation with my friend Darryl Rentz from DSK. We talk about the balance between good and evil. Can good come from horrific evil? Or, if the Trust Tour is super successful could evil be the end result? Does nature require a balance between the two? What do you think?


  • (Day 131) Taxi Cab Trust

    On my way back to the St Pete airport, my taxi driver shared with me some interesting perspectives on how he thinks about our country. As we approached the terminal I asked him if I could share a summary his thinking with you. He agreed, and here is Jim sharing taxi cab trust.


  • (Day 127) Thank You For Being Honest



  • (Day 120) Doing The Right Thing

    The other day, a friend and I got talking about what turned out to be an infraction of trust, one that would hurt him financially to fix. After talking it through, we realized we had to share this story with you because it happens to all of us all the time. Minor infractions, if let go, can turn into complete system failures. This why we have to work on fixing the cracks all the time. Here’s a three-minute audio on doing the right thing.


  • (Day 109) Trust and Peanut Butter

    blog peanut butter spoonThis is an update from Texas Peanut Producers Board representative Shelly Nutt. I interviewed her last year after salmonella-contaminated peanut butter sickened and killed several people. The cause turned out to be poor conditions at the Peanut Corporation of America plant in Georgia. Shelly told  us how the act of one man’s organization devastated an entire industry. This is a great example of why we have to get everyone working in the trust model. Like it or not, we are “interdependent” and the acts of one have an impact on all of us. The good news for Shelly and the Texas peanut farmers, is the industry has seen a turn around. Here is Shelly…  (I love her passion for the peanut farmer)

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