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  • (Day 732) Carlos Arredondo Is Changing The World

    On our way to interview Gaytri  Kachroo, the whistle blower lawyer for the Madoff scandal, we stopped at an Occupy Boston event.  There we found the powerful story of Carlos Arredondo, an immigrant from Costa Rica. He lost his son to a snipers bullet in Iraq. He subsequently persuaded the US government  to make things better for Vets and  their families. Here is his incredible story.

    Update 04/16/2013 - This story keeps getting better. Today an article in NBC News is calling Carlos a hero. During the Boston Marathon tragedy he was photographed with a triage patient in a wheelchair. His hand is squeezing the mans bleeding artery as they run for help. The only thoughts I have are, “of course, what else would a guy like this do?”

  • (Day 326) Curing Cancer With Trust

    njgphotoWhen my sister was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, we looked for every avenue to help her find a cure. One of our good friends was relentlessly encouraging her to go see Dr Gonzales in New York City. He had been healing people with cancer using alternative methods for many years.  One of his most famous clients was Suzanne Somers.  She wrote about him in her book Knock Out, this made him a national icon on the subject.  We, of course, were very skeptical but wanted to leave no stone unturned. We went to his office to hear what he had to say. The result was a candid conversation about cancer and how people can help heal ourselves.  He also spoke about how he believes big pharmaceutical companies are preventing the sharing of the knowledge he has discovered (a trust story for another day). After several hours of talking, I asked him if trust had an impact on peoples ability to survive cancer. Here is what he had to say…

    If you would prefer to read the text version of the conversation, click here


  • (Day 325) Elie Wiesel Speaks The Truth

    06HDCElieWieselPhotoI had the honor to hear Elie Wiesel speak at Lehigh University. It was commencement and my son was graduating.  It was a proud moment to be able to share this experience with him. On the other hand, I am embarrassed to say I did not know much about Mr. Wiesel. He is a holocaust survivor and Nobel peace prize winner. He spoke for only 16 minutes, but when he was done I knew I had heard one of the great speeches of our time. He spoke of the greatest issues facing us, he spoke of integrity and trust.  If there is one person left in the world I could interview on the Trust Tour it would be him and you can bet I am working on it. Below is the audio from his speech. I am going to assume permission to share this with you as I am confident this is not a proprietary message rather one the whole world needs to hear. I know you will find it interesting.

    For those of you who would rather read, click here for  the text of his speech. [...]

  • (Day 302) Loving Words, Hateful Message

    World leaders gathered at the United Nations this week. The focus was to discuss world poverty. We made some significant progress in this area over the last decade, particularly in China where millions of people have been removed from the ranks. This is good news, hopeful speeches were given by many of the world leaders. The bad news is President Ahmadinejad decided to use the moment to focus on the downfall of the West.

    During his speech several leaders walked out, including the United States. It reminded me of a family where a one child wants attention and acts out  to gain the attention of their parents. As I watched this speech and I realized this man is a skilled orator, he has a powerful command of words and ideals that appeal to the masses. But when you look beyond the words to the message, it is a dark message, one of disrespect, deception and division. I was struck by the use of so many wonderful words  in just his opening statement, words like respect, human dignity, honor, empathy, family, love, justice, path to prosperity, seeking knowledge, truth, divine, climate change, god, cooperation, decency, united and secrets of the universe. How could you not believe in someone who uses these words? On the other hand, he talked about the Holocaust being a myth and the United States Government conspired to bring down the twin towers.

    Below you can listen to his speech and decide for yourself what is true and what is false.

  • (Day 281) Trust Is In The Air

    IMG_5063You will probably remember the Jet Blue flight attendant that abruptly quit his job, grabbed a beer and exited down the emergency slide. I wrote about this trust episode on Day 255. I discussed this episode with Abraham, an AirTran flight attendant. We were on a flight from San Francisco to Atlanta. I could not help but notice how well he handled his passengers. I told him about the Trust Tour (everyone I meet gets the story) and asked him if he had an example of the most disrespectful passenger he had ever had and how he handled it. He told me about a Christmas Eve flight from Orlando with a very disrespectful women. I asked him if I could record it, he agreed, and  here is our conversation. You may need a little patience as it has some background noise from our flight, enjoy…

  • (Day 280) Good Friends – Good Message

    cwcontent8My friend Suzie Stark and I have known each other since we were teenagers. I love these kind of relationships. They are like diamonds… they get more valuable each year. You can’t have enough people in your life you have trusted since childhood. She sent me a a sermon from Pastor Alf Halvorson of The First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem PA.  She said that it resonated with her and  thought others on the Trust Tour might be interested in hearing it.   The message is as old as time; we get betrayed but we still have to trust. You can’t hear this enough to often. To listen  . Suzie and I hope you will enjoy it.

  • (Day 260) The Butterfly and the Jet Engine

    but2Sometimes I believe people hear the word trust and they think, ” That’s nice… naive, a little airy fairy, but nice.” Trust can easily be trivialized, taken for granted.  Almost everybody thinks they are trust worthy, it is those other people out there that are causing all the problems. Trust also can be considered soft, weak and uncompetitive.

    This is just the opposite of how I see it. Trust is hard, strong, respectful, honorable and courageous. Trust is not fanciful or random nor is it ignorant or blind. It is the basis for our lives, the oil that allows the engine of life to operate. Without it there would be no reason to live. The world would spiral into an abyss no one would want to be part of.  It is the strength of many people who choose to do the right thing everyday that allows us survive. This is not weakness… it is much weaker, much softer to cheat, lie and steal.

    I recorded a story about a incident I witness the other day while taking off from Newark Airport. I call it, The Butterfly and the Jet Engine. It is a call to raise the bar on trust. If you would like to hear it. Click on the arrow below.

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