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  • (Day 498) Connecting In Detroit

    Here is a quick Toddcast from Detroit’s airport. I had plenty of time to film it because my previous flight was diverted to Cleveland for fog.  I missed my connection, and had a six  hour layover. I still maintained a positive attitude about my trip as you can from the video below.

  • (Day 483) Having Your Cheese and Eating It Too

    To some people the story I am about to tell will sound sophomoric; but to me it is a jewel, the very basis of the change we need in the world.  These type of pay it forward acts give us a fighting chance to live in a safer and happier society.

    It’s a simple story about grocery shopping, late-night grocery shopping.  It was 10:00 PM and the doors were closing.  I was trying to stock the frig before my family arrived for the weekend.  I decided to walk to the local store to get a little exercise. The bad news is I can only buy what I can carry. As I went to the checkout line, I started to realize I had a lot to carry. I paid my bill and a “lane closed” sign was put up behind me. It was then I started my  struggle to get all the bags into my hands and arms.  The handles of the bags were around individual fingers and I was thinking to myself,”This is going to be a long walk back home.”  My cashier said, “Good night,” and headed to the back of the store, her day apparently over. It was then I noticed there was an unpaid item in my cart   It was a slab of hard cheddar cheese. No…. I thought, now what ? I was tired, uncomfortable and did not want to deal with this situation.

    On the Trust Tour , I have become keenly aware of how I can either pollute or clean up  my “trust eco-system”. In other words, every action I take, no matter how small, either cleans up or messes up the culture we all live in. In this simple example, I was presented with another challenge to see how I would react. [...]

  • (Day 418) Machiavellianism – What Level Are You?

    machiavelliI hear my academic friends use Machiavelli’s name  fairly often in conversation, especially when we talk about the issue of trust. I have not studied Machiavelli extensively, however I have always associated his name with a lack of integrity.

    If you are not familiar with him, here are a few quick facts. He lived in Italy, Florence to be more precise, during the 16th century. He was most well known for a book he wrote titled The Prince. In it, he described tactics for “the employment of cunning and duplicity in politics or in general conduct”.

    His philosophy was shared widely and became know as Machiavellianism. This has become synonymous with a person’s tendency to deceive and manipulate others for their personal gain. [...]

  • (Day 417) China And US to Discuss Bad Math

    89275277MW010_US_HOSTS_2_DAMy father often talks about bad math. He acutally likes it and uses it as a way to teach teamwork and collaboration. Dad actually believes that  1 + 1 = 3. It is a simple idea… partners (1+1) can make more together (3) by combining their talents than they can make alone.  By cooperating, in place of competing, they each gain advantage.This, of course, requires a great deal of Trust.

    This will be the topic as Chinese President Hu Jintao travels to Washington this week for a state visit. According to The Washington Post he said that after a year marked by disputes and tension between the two countries they could mutually benefit by finding “common ground” on issues from fighting terrorism and nuclear proliferation to cooperating on clean energy and infrastructure development. [...]

  • (Day 416) Ricky Gervais, Playful or Disrespectful


    I would not normally be writing about Hollywood or celebrities but the Golden Globes Awards caught my attention. It was specifically an article in the which referenced host Ricky Gervais‘ jokes. They were speculating if his barbs were out of line and abusive to his peers. What I know about this man is, he is a comedian with the #1 podcast of all time, was in the TV series The Office, and was the writer/director/actor in the movie “The Invention of Lying,” which I enjoyed.


  • (Day 414) Cashing In On Mistrust

    passingerssmall It was 7:20 AM and I arrived at my destination row 13, seat C  in the Airbus 319. Whew, I was happy to finally be settled. It had been a long morning. I woke at 3:50 AM only to find my computer disk drive  had crashed overnight, ugh. It was 12 degrees outside so I decided to warm up the car and found a dead battery. After jump starting the car and getting the rest of myself together I began my two hour trip to the airport. With the car in short term parking, I tried to embed in my mind the floor and section number so I could find it upon my return. Now it was time to be cued into the airport security line. I began the process of desensitizing myself for the mildly humiliating TSA experience. Then the barking began… take your lap top out of your bag, no gel or liquid over 4 oz, take your shoes off, etc. I stood behind a gate with a swinging door until the guy who scans ID’s acknowledged me, he nods and I approach his bench to be approved.


  • (Day 412) Warren Buffet Says Integrity is #1

    Recently I saw this youtube video of Warren Buffet talking about my favorite subject. Enjoy!

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