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  • (Day 21) All The Value Is In Sharing (guest blog by Chris Brogan)

    The following blog is contributed by Chris Brogan a leading blogger and author of the best selling book Trust Agents. I met Chris at Gnomedex and was immediately inspired. He wrote the book every author wished they wrote. With the explosion in social media, we have a chance to reinvent our culture. It can be one based on mutual trust and respect. Chris is at the very forefront of that mission. If you want to learn more, you can connect with him at and follow him on twitter at @chrisbrogan. – Todd Welch


  • (Day 14) In The End…

    (Continuation of the previous blog story called  ”Look Up” )

    There is more to this story. Barbara then told me a story about a memorial service that she recently recently attended. A large number people had shown up to honor this relative of hers who had passed away. She was moved by the outpouring of admiration for him. Many people told stories of generosity and of learning experiences they had shared with him. They celebrated his life! [...]

  • (Day 13) Look Up!

    I am here at Canyon Ranch in Tucson Arizona. It’s a pretty amazing place, a destination health resort, one of the largest and best in the world.  I interviewed it’s founder Mel Zuckerman for my book Trust when I was here three years ago. As a result of that stay I lost 60 pounds. Of course, I have now gained it back (curses) and I am here again.  It’s time for me to take better care and I Trust myself I will make that happen.


  • (Day 10) If not now… When ?

    I am 47 years old, I can’t believe it, I am closing in on 50. Wow, when I was a kid I was wondering how much longer 50 year olds had to live. Ha! Well I hope that I have a long way to go but at this age I am certainly thinking about the end game more than I did before. There is only so much time to get it right. So I came up with this list of “if not now whens….” to help us all stay on the right track. [...]

  • (Day 9) Can We Still Believe in Milk and Cookies?


    When I was a kid, I remember enjoying milk and cookies. My favorite was Chips Ahoy in cold milk. Recently my wife brought a bag home for my kids and I happen to find it before they did! Nobody was home so I could get out my glass of milk and dip them all by myself, I was in heaven. I dunked my first cookie and put it in my mouth. I sensed that something was very wrong, the taste was similar to wet cardboard, YUCK! [...]

  • (Day 6) The Difference One Word Can Make

    I used dictation software to speed the writing of my book, Trust-how to put IT back in business. It’s amazing to watch the words appear on the screen as you talk into the microphone. Sometimes the computer and I did not communicate well resulting in some good laughs. Towards the end of my writing it dawned on me to save these out-takes so you could enjoy them with me. Here are the worlds first “author bloopers.” I hope they give you a good laugh. [...]

  • (Day 1) A Trust Pandemic?

    I wrote the book on Trust because I am understanding the huge cost of distrust.  Every transaction, every conversation, every move we make is assumed to be distrusted until we prove we can be trusted.  Sadly, many  people in business say it’s getting worse. Mistrust causes everything to be more complicated, slower, and far more fragmented. Distrust hurts our businesses, adding extra costs to everything. Just take health insurance – distrust adds at least 20-30¢ to every dollar of health cost, for which we receive no health value in return. [...]

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