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  • (Day 658) Sunrise – Sunset

    This is a video update from yesterdays visits. I met a man who wants to make real change in Haiti. I met an women who I think can help me edit my film.

    I end with some thoughts about the sunrise, Enjoy! Note I am on my bike, this is my effort to lose some of the belly I have accumulated the last 50 years :-)

  • (Day 657) Hope For The Future

    There are  millions of small acts of kindness that happen every day around the world, people helping people. We don’t think much about them or at least we don’t report it in the media. Maybe that is why I enjoyed reading the refreshing story below. It gives me hope for our future.

    Unsuspecting Chargers fans in two sections of Qualcomm Stadium were showered with money during the San Francisco 49er preseason game. When Club level server Heather Allison tripped on a stair, about $1,000 flew out of her hands landing under seats, in laps and sailing over the railing into the lower Field section.

    “All my customers began screaming over the railing to the people below: ‘That’s the servers’ money,’ ” recalls Allison, who has sold refreshments in Sections 36 and 37 for five years. Fans helped collect the stray bills and, amazingly, so did the crowd below. Within 10 minutes, a security officer brought a stack of cash back up to her. “It was all there,” says the mother of four and full-time student who, after paying the concession, still pocketed $170 tips. “Chargers fans are amazing,” she says. “We’re like a family.”

    Why do you think the media rarely reports stories like this?

    Click Here For Full Article

  • (Day 656) Good Vibrations

    As I was riding my bike down the street today I heard this women singing. I stopped and asked her to sing for me… she did. I asked her why she sings… This is what she had to say.

  • (Day 654) Does Trust Start With Respecting Yourself?

    Thoughts about trust and the 10th anniversary of 9-11

  • (Day 652) Update 9-9-11

    Todays Update from Washington DC

  • (Day 651) Film Update

    Above is video blog about this weeks progress on the film. I am very pleased the film crew is building trust. You can tell it’s happening by all the laughter in the car and at the sites we film. Tired tonight – still more video to transfer and a bit stressed about losing some media in the process.  I am looking forward to two more interviews before we end this 7 day journey.


  • (Day 644) Trust Paradoxes

    Socrates, our most famous philosopher once said he knew one thing – nothing at all.

    I have been thinking about trust and how some seemingly obvious truths turn out to be the exact opposite.  Below are my list of Trust Paradoxes for your enjoyment and contemplation. Add to the list  if you can!

    Don’t you think it is strange that..

    1) To be the best teacher, is to ask the best questions

    2) To have life’s most important possessions, is to know they are free

    3) To find happiness, is to look inside yourself.

    4) To find peace, we fight wars

    5) To forgive someone, is to heal yourself

    6) To have tolerance, is to accept intolerance

    7) To gain respect, is to give it

    8) To have integrity, is to know yourself

    9) To have freedom, is to restrain fear

    10) To gain control, is to share power

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