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  • (Day 686) Making Things Right Again

    This report on CNN about a celebrity cell phone hacker caught my interest, not because of the egregious act of spying, but for what happened after he was caught.

    Get this… he admitted doing it.  He did not deny or blame someone else, he said he was wrong.  Moreover he did not try to profit from the information he gathered and took personal responsibility for his actions.

    I am not condoning what he did, it was absolutly wrong.  I am sure his victims feel less safe as they go about their lives.   I would be very upset if someone did this to me.

    Many of our business and political leaders have shown us how easy it is to run from the truth.  It takes great courage to look yourself and your peers in the eye and admit a personal failing, an act sorely missed in our world.

    If you were the judge would you be more likely or less likely to give this guy the maximum penalty?

  • (Day 685) Music and Trust

    There is trust in everything, even in music. Check out what Charles Hazlewood has to say about the magic of conducting.

  • (Day 683) Say Something Nice

    This was sent to me from Pattie Cowley. I love it… thanks Pattie!

  • (Day 674) San Diego

    Update on my travels and the days events

  • (Day 670) Hell On Earth

    I was editing the film, specifically my interview with Dr Adizes, and wanted to share his insight with you. Dr Adizes is one of my all time favorite people on the planet and he and I talked abut the rapid change that is taking place on our planet.  His thought is that this speed of change may be responsible for much of the disrespect we are experiencing; he went on to say that if we don’t get integrity right at this pace… well you can read the title.

  • (Day 664) Horn Blower

    Somehow I seem to have started a routine of riding my bike and pontificating about trust. Today I started to worry that my rants sound like Sunday school. Just about then I receive an earful of hate from mister horn blower. I don’t blame him, who knows what kind of mean spirited actions he has had to put up with during his life.  He is just an example of how we all have acted at some point in our lives.  How does it feel when you encounter mister horn blower? Have a good story? Please share it with me.

    I trust you!


  • (Day 659) Trust N Death

    OKay, I know this title sounds a bit strange for me, so let me explain. I woke up this morning with a stressed out feeling. I was thinking about death, not so much my own, which I seem to fear less lately, but losing the people I love. This was a direct result of watching the news before bed last night – bad idea. The main story was about the Reno Air Show crash. I read the headline about the mass carnage after a stunt pilot lost control of his aircraft. This compelled me to want to see it for myself. Why are we so drawn to these images?  I clicked on the video which showed a P-51 dive bomb into a group of spectators near the runway, ugh. Then there was another video, all I had to do was click and up came an even more graphic scene taken just seconds after the impact. It was up close and personal. There were people laying around and body parts visible, horrific.

    Early in the day I was talking to my mother who is in her mid 70′s and not feeling well. We spoke a little about my sister who has breast cancer. I was worried about both of them. Not to mention, I have of my own health issues going on right now. When you add all this together… no wonder I woke up stressed out!  I decided to get some fresh air and a fresh perspective. I got on my bike this morning and started peddling away my anxiety. As I did, I started to think about living instead of dying. The video above is about 25 minutes into my ride.

    I trust you!


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