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  • (Day 736) Another Journey

    The video above is a story of four boys caught in war torn Southern Sudan. It is a sad story with a hopeful message. It helped to remind me this kind of insanity is happening in modern times. Right now somewhere in the world this is STILL happening. It makes me want to work even harder to make a difference.  I do not want to close my eyes to what we are doing to each other. On the other hand, I know the only thing I can do is to change myself, my own everyday thoughts and actions and expect this will be enough. Most days I wake up and see the mountain of work to be done and wonder…

    It was directed and produced by Robin Heydenberk. I met this amazing and energetic women several years ago at Lehigh University. As you can probably tell, I found her work to be moving- check it out.

  • (Day 726) The Time We Live In

    This is a Guest Blog written by my son Kevin

    Sometimes it is difficult to really understand the true gravity of a situation when you are stuck in the middle of it. If you ask any of these students why they are protesting they may have a hard time giving you a consistent answer. You may hear people point to the economy, jobs, corruption, or maybe it’s just something for them to do.  If you look within yourself, you may have a hard time grasping the reasons for your anger, confusion, frustration at these images of brutality.  I’d like to ask you to really try to focus what it is you are feeling. Freedom is not something you can see everyday. It is not an obvious series of events that you can point to in order to prove your perception. Sometimes you may be living in tyranny and think you are free. That is because our conscious minds are easily manipulated and adaptable to our situation. [...]

  • (Day 724) Representative Allen West Visit

  • (Day 732) Carlos Arredondo Is Changing The World

    On our way to interview Gaytri  Kachroo, the whistle blower lawyer for the Madoff scandal, we stopped at an Occupy Boston event.  There we found the powerful story of Carlos Arredondo, an immigrant from Costa Rica. He lost his son to a snipers bullet in Iraq. He subsequently persuaded the US government  to make things better for Vets and  their families. Here is his incredible story.

    Update 04/16/2013 - This story keeps getting better. Today an article in NBC News is calling Carlos a hero. During the Boston Marathon tragedy he was photographed with a triage patient in a wheelchair. His hand is squeezing the mans bleeding artery as they run for help. The only thoughts I have are, “of course, what else would a guy like this do?”

  • (Day 722) Visit to Boston

  • (Day 717) Film Crew On The Road

     The film crew is out on the road, and here we meet up with Steve Fugate (Love Life), somewhere in Missouri.

  • (Day 716) Why Can’t We Treat People Like Ducks?

    Above a police officer protects a family of ducks from certain peril on a highway.

    Below a police office pepper sprays a group of peaceful students on a sidewalk.

    Who can we trust?

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