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  • (Day 654) Does Trust Start With Respecting Yourself?

    Thoughts about trust and the 10th anniversary of 9-11

  • (Day 652) Update 9-9-11

    Todays Update from Washington DC

  • (Day 651) Film Update

    Above is video blog about this weeks progress on the film. I am very pleased the film crew is building trust. You can tell it’s happening by all the laughter in the car and at the sites we film. Tired tonight – still more video to transfer and a bit stressed about losing some media in the process.  I am looking forward to two more interviews before we end this 7 day journey.


  • (Day 644) Trust Paradoxes

    Socrates, our most famous philosopher once said he knew one thing – nothing at all.

    I have been thinking about trust and how some seemingly obvious truths turn out to be the exact opposite.  Below are my list of Trust Paradoxes for your enjoyment and contemplation. Add to the list  if you can!

    Don’t you think it is strange that..

    1) To be the best teacher, is to ask the best questions

    2) To have life’s most important possessions, is to know they are free

    3) To find happiness, is to look inside yourself.

    4) To find peace, we fight wars

    5) To forgive someone, is to heal yourself

    6) To have tolerance, is to accept intolerance

    7) To gain respect, is to give it

    8) To have integrity, is to know yourself

    9) To have freedom, is to restrain fear

    10) To gain control, is to share power

  • (Day 640) All for One And One For … ?

    In a situation like Hurricane Irene, do you help others or save yourself ?  I have talked with people who see the world as themselves and their family. There are others who see themselves helping the broader community.  I started to ask myself, “What would I do… fend for myself, or help others?” The above are my thoughts as I rode my bike this morning. What do you think… is it about you and your family or the world?
  • (Day 639) What is Charisma?

    After writing about  Steve Jobs and his charisma, I started to wonder what the difference was between charisma and integrity.  Which characteristic is the most important? Are they related? Are they different?  Which of our leaders possessed these traits?

    There have been many leaders who  have charisma, Walt Disney, Martin Luther King, John Kennedy. Then there  is also… well…  Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson, Osama Bin Laden. They had it too. These examples  must mean charisma can be used for both good or evil. Integrity, on the other hand can only be good, right?  Not so fast, we have had people do some horrible things in the name of  integrity. Rev Jones openly burned  the Koran and Anders Breivik murdered 69 people in Norway, both thought they had integrity and were doing the right thing for the future of society.

    I am visual person and was curious to see what images came up when I typed these words into Google. I started with charisma and received several pages full of a half dressed model Charisma Carpenter. I then changed my settings to safe strict search and tried again, the same images came up. All I could get was Miss Carpenter, page after page of her. So I guess in our world charisma is whatever she has.

    Then I typed in the word Integrity and looked for pictures. There was only one thing that stood out, several signs with the word integrity.  That was it, nothing else more  interesting or thought provoking, with the exception maybe of a compass.  From my intensive research project I am able to establish at least one truth from my research project. Charisam has much more appeal then integrity.

    For those of you who like to dig in a little deeper, here are is the definition of these words:

    Charisma is:

    1: a personal magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public figure (as a political leader)

    2: a special magnetic charm or appeal <the charisma of a popular actor>

    Integrity is:

    1: firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values : incorruptibility

    2: an unimpaired condition : soundness

    3: the quality or state of being complete or undivided

    What do you think the difference between Charisma and Integrity is?

  • (Day 638) Steve Jobs On Values

    I have been a Steve Jobs fan for many years. His recent resignation as CEO of Apple was the end of an era. Over the years, I have enjoyed his inspiring speeches and the video above is one of my favorites.  The presentation is about Apples new (at the time) brand  ”Think Different”.  I like it because he is talking about core values.  You probably already are familiar with Steve’s famed “charisma.” He is considered to be the best marketer in the world. Enjoy!

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