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  • (Day 900) What makes up a family?

    I interviewed this women at Occupy Wall Street. She shared with me what makes up her family. She sure makes a lot of sense. It is hard to argue with. Do you have another point of view? If so, please tell me about it.

  • (Day 895) Trusting Government

    I hate to bring politics into the trust conversation but I watched this video today and it reminded me how much government is involved in creating the environment for prosperity.

    Personally I want to live in a country that trusts me and helps me to feel safe, not only from foreign interests but those here who are in power. I want to feel proud of our moral place in the world.  I want to feel like our system is fair to all people. I want to live in an environment that promotes innovation. I want us to be fiscally responsible. All of the issues I have mentioned are under attack.  As I watched this video from Ron Paul I found myself agreeing with what the problem is, and how we might resolve it.  I listened to the whole speech. I especially liked the way he ended, talking about truth and trust.

  • (Day 890) Former CIA Spy Tells His Truth

    Gnomedex is a very cool annual event for bloggers and techies. I was honored to speak there a few years ago. Robert David Steele, an American activist and former Central Intelligence Agency officer, was also a speaker. In this video he shares his perspective on everything from national security to the national debt. His theme is “power to the people,” a wake up call of sorts. His passion comes from the breaking of a sacred trust between the government and the people.  Check it out.

  • (Day 857) Simon Sinek’s TED talk

    I love these TED talks. In this one Simon talks about how we can create trust in society and business using the question of Why?

  • (Day 851) A Change Of Heart

    As you are probably aware Dick Cheney recently had heart transplant surgery.  The fact that we can physically change a persons heart is beyond my imagination. It is truly an amazing feat. Yet,  I can’t help but find some irony in the fact it was Dick Cheney that had this done. Based on what I have seen on the world stage, my mind firmly associates him with the character from the Grinch.

    When I read the headline about his surgery, I pictured the grinch getting a new “bigger” heart. I started to wonder who was the indiviual who gave him their heart and if they knew about it. I wondered how they would feel. I could not help thinking if that person might have been a musician, artist, minister or maybe they were gay, black or a even Muslim. I started to think it might be good for Mr Cheney to know who it was. Why, because just maybe there is some small chance that in some way it could change his heart. How could even the coldest of heart withstand the gift of an extended life. This person’s heart is literally beating inside of you. It has to change you in some way, right?

    I have learned a great deal on the Trust Tour. I have softened my heart but hardened my mind. My mind is more aware then ever of our collective ability to creating fear and pain in our world. There are examples by the millions. At the same time my heart has become more aware of our amazing ability to be generous, there are also millions of examples. The challenge is learning to be more like the Dali Lama and less like the Grinch. Maybe we all could all use a change of heart.

  • (Day 850) Do You Trust Your Mechanic?

    As a 12 year old boy, I remember telling my best friend I was going to fly helicopters when I grew up. That dream came true and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. But like all stories, they have a beginning and a ending.  After years of flying and owning helicopters I decided to sell mine to focus on my new passion (this tour). Today came the time to hand over the keys. It was more emotional for me that I want to admit. Of course,  the new buyer wanted to make sure his mechanic checked out airworthiness. Talk about trust… there is a whole new level of trust when it comes to flying through the air in a machine. Above is my short, funny and real talk with Kevin the helicopter mechanic.

  • (Day 849) Pink Slim – Can We Trust Our Food?

    There has been a lot of talk about Pink Slim lately. I did not understand what it was until this video caught my attention.  What else are we eating that we do not understand?

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