Trust is the basis for happiness and distrust the basis for fear. Without trust, we would be living in a perpetual state of war. Right now we have it pretty good, enjoying relative safety, prosperity and freedom. This enables us to take risks, create alliances and enjoy our lives. However, trust is very fragile and today I see it breaking down in many aspects of our lives – political, financial and spiritual. I believe it has become the number one challenge of our world.

After thinking about this idea for several years, I decided I wanted to try to do something about it. To me this is hard and interesting work. I find most people think it is the other guy who is not trust worthy, not recognizing the contribution each of us is making to pollute the trust eco-system.  In order to take a deeper look, both at myself and our society, I kicked off the Trust Tour on Thanksgiving Day 2009. I commited 1000 days to the project which will end on August 22, 2012. Along the way I intend to document 1000 trust experiences and I hope to inspire others to join the effort.

Want to know more? I am the founder of the Charter Partners Institute and WINGS . These hands-on learning experiences have taught 1000’s of high school and college students the concept of entrepreneurship. I am also the founder of the Lehigh Valley Angels, which helps to fund start up companies.  I am the author of  Trust, How to put “it” back in business. I am a co-founder of Charter Partners, an insurance co-op for entrepreneurs.  I am currently investing much of my time making a documentary film at Charter Farms.  Most of all, I enjoy sharing music, food, wine and some good stories with friends and family.

See you on the tour!

Todd Welch